We are committed to ensuring that your stay in Barcelona is safe and that you can plan it in advance considering the restrictions in our territory. The measures to prevent COVID-19 from spreading keep changing according to the advance of the health situation in the country. We are ready to put in place all the necessary hygienic measures to make sure the Venue for the Conference is safe and in accordance with the measures that are in place.

While we are hoping that September will bring us back to normalcy, here are some links to check up-to-date information regarding pandemic-related restrictions:

Traveling to Spain

Check here what are the documents that you will need to enter Spain. Depending on the situation of your country of residence, you might be asked to fill out a health-related form or to bring a negative PCR test result with you. If you are travelling by plane, remember to check the guidelines given by your airline.


What is permitted within Catalonia?

Here you will find information on up-to-date restrictions within Catalonia. This information will help you plan a safe trip while also making sure that you make the most of your time here. Remember the measures are constantly changing, so make sure to check them before your arrival!


What is the situation in Barcelona?

You can follow up-to-date information about our city in the next links. You will also find useful information regarding tourist activities that remain open, as well as clear guidelines on what to do in case you develop symptoms during your stay.



Have a safe trip and see you all soon!