Travelling for work or pleasure has an impact on our environment. It is important that we are aware of our carbon footprint, as well as that we do everything in our hands to reduce and counter it.
There are a few things that can make your trip to the SeeRRI Conference a bit greener. If you’re coming from within Spain or a nearby country, you should try to find alternatives to flying, as they can help to drastically reduce CO2 emissions even if they might be more time-consuming. Besides, alternatives such as the train or the bus will allow you to enjoy the views! However, if you are travelling a long distance this might be more complicated. If this is the case, here are some tips that you can take into consideration:

1. Take direct routes

Layovers can add a major amount of carbon emissions to your trip as planes release the most CO2 during takeoff and landing. If this is not possible, choose the shortest possible and stay inside the airport.

2. Choose low-emission airlines

You must take some time to identify which are the airlines that emit the lowest amount of CO2. Make a list of eco-friendly airlines and use them whenever possible!

3. Forget about flying in business class

 The seats take so much space on the place that, on average, travelling in business almost doubles the carbon emissions from each trip.

4. Pack light

Planes use more fuel when they carry heavy luggage. Planning ahead and taking only the essentials will help you with light packing which, in turn, will decrease the fuel the plane needs to use.

5. Consider carbon offsetting

While offsetting doesn’t make your carbon footprint go away, it does give back to the environment. Some airline companies have their own offsetting programmes in which you can participate often by donating small amounts of money. However, there are other options that allow you to calculate your carbon footprint and directly compensate for it. Some of our favourites are:

a. Trees for All

b. Compensate

c. Climate Care

Thank you for making an effort and see you all very soon!