Since January 2019, the SeeRRI project has been working with European regional policymakers to explore how regional governments can practice responsible regional planning – regional planning that is anticipate, reflexive, inclusive, and responsive. Nearly three years of joint efforts culminated in the “Bringing RRI into regional planning: From theory to SeeRRI” Conference to be held in Barcelona on September 29-30, 2021. Do you want to know how it went?


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The SeeRRI Final Conference will bring together policymakers, regional stakeholders, researchers, members of SeeRRI and related projects, EU officials, citizens interested in the future of Europe, and inspiring guest speakers for two days of knowledge-sharing and lively debates about the future of responsible regional planning and responsible research and innovation (RRI) in Europe and beyond.
At the conference, participants will:

Learn about the outcomes and lessons from the SeeRRI project, including the tools developed by SeeRRI for responsible regional planning. The tools enable regional policymakers and planners to lend legitimacy to their policies by making sure that stakeholders from all strata of society have a voice in policymaking, right from the earliest stage of policy development. The tools are designed with the flexibility to be applied in a broad range of regional settings.

Learn from the experience of three European territories – Nordland (Norway), Lower Austria, and B30 (Spain) – who have worked with SeeRRI to integrate responsibility principles into their regional planning processes. As each territory presents a unique set of features, together they provide a nuanced picture of the challenges of bringing responsibility into regional planning.

Hear interesting perspectives on sustainability, regional innovation strategies, RRI, and related topics from a range of distinguished guest speakers from the public and private sectors.

Interact with representatives from other European territories – besides the SeeRRI pilot territories mentioned above – who will have exhibition stands at the conference and share their views on challenges and strategies related to RRI and regional development.

Engage in debates that challenge conventional wisdom on how to be responsible in regional planning.

Have a chance to network with professionals from across Europe who have an interest in responsible regional planning and responsible research and innovation.

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Call for posters

Thank you so much for your participation in our “Call for Posters”! The accepted posters will be displayed at the Conference. Please remember to bring your poster with you and to be ready to defend it!

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